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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

This is the best place to come if you are either a total newbie to both or a seasoned pro. This groundbreaking technology is literally turning the world on its head and providing security across the planet.

Please see the associated videos for greater details, however blockchain is essentially a programme for storing records that have been created and cannot be undone. It is quite simply a system of ‘distributed ledger’ and makes it immutable and safe for the storage of even the most sensitive of records.

Cryptocurrency is essentially the reward system for people using the blockchain and their numbers are strictly limited, thus they have a scarcity or potentially rare value, in comparison to say gold, which is still being dug out of the earth.

Some cryptocurrencies have started to gather their own momentum as being a “store of value” like say precious metals. However the best form of crypto moving forward will be those that actually have a mass adoption, meaning that they can be used by the mass as a form of exchange, like currency (FIAT) is today.

One of the biggest assets for crypto is that it cannot be created out of thin air, like all the FIAT currencies, known as quantitative easing, but will always have an infinite number of coins and those coins, or fractions of them can be used to purchase goods across the globe.

How can I benefit from Cryptocurrency & the blockchain?

Well that depends on what type of person you are and what you are looking to achieve, are you:

• Someone who wants to earn an income from promoting the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

• Someone who prefers passive investments

• Someone who wants to support the whole concept by simply promoting it to others

• All of the above

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